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A new video of a composition titled  "Gilded Tree" which is based on my poem "Fable" in Trickster is up on The music was composed by John Liberatore and is played (and the text read) by Emmy winning flutist Molly Barth. It contains images of work by artist Esther Traugot, whose work inspired my poem and is on the cover of my book. A great three-way collaboration! 

youtube_splashpage_Duo Cortona1.jpg

An archived edition of a concert by Duo Cortona at the University of Missouri School of Music that features several compositions  by John Liberatore with lyrics drawn from my poems in Tricksterpublished by the University of Iowa Press (Kuhl House Poets) 2014. John Liberatore's  entire composition is titled "Songs of Bright Orange Notes," and is the second piece in the concert beginning at 8:54.


The mezzo-soprano is Rachel Calloway and the violinist is Ari Streisfeld, both members of Duo Cortona.  I'm honored to work with these amazing and acclaimed musicians as well as the highly respected composer and musician John Liberatore who made it all possible. 

Here is the sheet music with lyrics for "Songs of Bright Notes."

Duo Cortona

I. 0:03

II. 3:53

III. 7:33

IV: 9:16


Written for and dedicated to Rachel Calloway and Ari Streisfeld of Duo Cortona with support from The Corporation of Yaddo. Texts first published in: Trickster by Randall Potts,  University of Iowa Press, Iowa City, Iowa (2014).  Poems used by permission of the University of Iowa Press, all rights reserved. 

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